Something's gone awry
Setting Roots Blog

Heinrich woke with a start. A vision of a cold place, a tower rising up in the middle of it all surrounded by a green eden. then fire fell from the sky and destroyed it. Men in glowing vestments came from the ruins and started moving across the snow. the world shifted violently around the men. from a strong group they waned down to one sole man. this man made his way into a dark cavern, Arctic Wolves sat at the entrance to his cave and howled. the man looked fearfully towards the light of the exit. he opened his hand and in it was a golden seed.

From here the vision changed. The perspective shifted the colors changed, Heinrich understood that this was meant to be a display of things to come. He saw himself, bold, stong and full of the power of Raterimore enter the cave. The man looked at him and started to move. Heinrich saw himself swiftly cut the man down. As the blood of the man fell on the seed a great rift of light grew from the ground where it lay. The light pushed through the ground and into the sky.

Heinrich then saw grand visions: the rise of the power of the kingdoms, the death of the demons that lay beyond the sanctified lands, and he Heinrich Godson lifted on high to the right hand of the god. second only to the Emperor


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